Please note: xlsReadWrite[Pro] is deprecated.

(A new version, xlsReadWritePro v1.6.5, has just been uploaded and now the package supports again the latest R version (tested with R3.0.3 on Windows 8.1. But alas, without crossplatform and xlsx support and only working with the 32-bit R exe, the package just isn't relevant anymore (a successor was planned but didn't materialize for 'some reason' and it's unsure if it ever will).)

xlsReadWritePro is an R package which allows to read, write and manage Excel files natively, without any dependencies such as Excel, ODBC drivers, Perl, Python or Java. Supported is the .xls file format (BIFF8).

The pro version is our second attempt and adds the following capabilities:
  • append data to existing files
  • work with in-memory Excel 'files' (called xls-obj) to e.g. compose reports with multiple sheets
  • manage sheets (select, insert, copy, rename, delete, hide, info, list)
  • support images (add, delete, count, list, export, info)
  • address confined data areas (rows, cols, from, to, (named) ranges, cells)
  • read and write formula values
  • get file and sheet related info
  • more date time helper functions\cr
  • formal support
There are about 190 RUnit tests to ensure and maintain code quality. The v1.6.1 update improves the documentation and examples for all commands have been added.

But why not check out the free 30 day trial and see for yourself? The two versions do coexist just fine. And if you don't like/need the pro version features, you can easily go back to xlsReadWrite.
  • System requirements: Windows 32-bit
  • License: Shareware (license)